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robbie will be happy to know....

semi-overcast 25 °C

that i am acquiring a south american border-jumping mullet.

the mullet, the dreaded mullet, the mohawk that starts at the back of your head, the mullet that starts at the back of your head, the dreaded mohawkish mullet that starts on the back of your head, and rat tails are aaaaalllllllll the rage here. its pretty sweet. and i am in terrible need of a haircut, i can do the front myself, but the back..... oh, the back. its a grown out mohawk. i fit right in.

anyway, sorry i totally slacked on the blog. my bad luck continued a little bit and i didnt want to write again until things cleared up as much as they could. everything is okay now. there were some money/bank issues that lingered for way to long, but everything is back on track.

it really does suck i waited this long to catch up on the ol´ blog, bcuz now i have so much i should write... where to start....

Buenos Aires!

i never wrote much about it... i stayed in a hostel called Carlos Gardel on the corner of Carlos Calvo and Peru, in a neighborhood called San Telmo. really awesome neighborhood. the hostel in the beginning was great, Feben and i hung out all the time and collected new friends continuously. she is ridiculously beautiful and boys fawned over her on a regular basis. it was amusing. anyway, the first day we spent together we went to a huge above-ground cemetary that i cant remember the name of. It was beautiful. and also totally crazy what people do for their dead. interesting none the less. Evita is buried there. while we were there, there was an actual funeral. just the part where they are bringing the casket to the grave. the casket was tiny... it was a little kid. it was so sad, and so awkward to see this publicly. tourists hanging about while you bring a dead child to it´s grave. i´ll never forget it.

as we exited the cemetary, we met Matthew from DC and Casey from NYC, who had met inside. matthew had a rented condo in Palermo (fancy and beautiful neighborhood full of parks. my fave neighborhood other than San Telmo) and invited us to come over in a few hours for drinks and snacks. and drink and snack we did, indeed. of course you have heard how cheap things are here... but it still amazes me. you can get a totally drinkable Malbec for like 8 pesos. so SA has turned me onto red wine, bcuz thats what everyone drinks here. anyway, matthew´s place was beautiful, we were all jealous, and the night was fantastic. in the course of the evening we discovered matthew was planning on going to Iguazu Falls at the same time Feben and i were, so we made a plan to meet up.


Iguazu Falls is a huge area of waterfalls on the border of Brazil and Argentina. it is absolutely the most beautiful place i have EVER seen (so far). its like another world. kind of like fairy land. when we got to the hostel, we met a Frenchman named Pierre (but of course) who was the only other person in our room. we did a zipline/repelling thing together in the jungle. it was pretty sweet. you take a huge jeep thing into the jungle, down a looooong dirt road surrounded by farms growing sugar cane n other stuff that i cant remember. i loved the way there as much as the actual stuff we did. then you zip down three ziplines up in the air, go for a little trek and then repell down a waterfall. the waterfall thing was great, but it was harder than i thought! great experience though.

the next day we went to the falls. i am desperately trying to upload pictures of everything but its really hard bcuz it freezes up every computer i try it on. but i promise it will happen soon. the only way to understand this place is definitely with pictures. anyway, we lost Pierre from France but we gained Jurgen from Germany. Jurgen, Feben and i had an amazing time.

the highlight of Iguazu was a little secret Ian told me about... of course since this is essentially a national park, you are supposed to stay on the boarded walkways and everything, but there is a place on the Isla San Martin where you can hop over the fence and find your own private area with waterfalls and places to swim. so of course, that is just what we did. it was so awesome!!!! the water was perfect, we were alone, and it was totally beautiful.

we were at the park the entire day, and then got on the bus back to BA. at the bus we regained Pierre and headed back to Buenos Aires.

i have carpel tunnel from all this typing and i havent eaten breakfast so i´m going to cut it short here. but i promise to keep up from here on in!

a quick update since i´m so behind... i´m in Bariloche, a beautiful town in Patagonia. i love it here!! mountains and lakes everywhere!!

pictures and more blogging soon....

i miss everybody ;)


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sunny 32 °C

i have only a minute to write, as usual, but i will try to get some things up to speed...

i LOVE buenos aires. at first tho, i did not have the best luck. the airline lost my bag. lost my only fucking bag. so i got into argentina with basically nothing, got to my hostel and couldnt shower or brush my teeth or get comfortable, and was totally freaking out about whether or not i was ever going to see my things again. its a long boring story but i did have reason to believe it was gone forever through a series of phone numbers that didnt work and claim numbers that were incorrect (welcome to south america). but eventually it came...with some things missing. thank you Copa Airlines. they straight up stole from me!!! nothing of huge importance, but annoying things like the cord to charge my i-pod and my lock for the lockers at the hostels. and my earplugs. BUT!!!! i had my things back and i can replace what was lost and (it is fairly obvious the airline is not going to help me with that) the rest is history.

my first day was pretty tough. i wasnt hearing anyone in the hostel really speaking english, my stuff was missing, i missed Ian terribly, and i was really feeling sad. and it was cloudy and oppressively hot. walking around the streets before i could check into my hostel was lonely not knowing much of the language and anticipating what this adventure had in store for me considering its beginning. but the next day i woke up, my stuff had arrived, the weather was perfect, i met an AMAZING girl from sweden named Feben, and we spent the day together exploring buenos aires.

things are definitely looking up!

and my spanish is getting so much better!!!

okay, thats all for now, im at Iguazu Falls and our room is finally ready. time to go check out some waterfalls!!

have fun in the cold :)


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muchas gracias

sunny 29 °C

i cant write much now, but i can tell you i am SO happy and having an amazing time. i promise to go into more detail when it is not 2am. but i had to write SOMETHING since i had written nothing so far to let everyone know that i am well and enjoying buenos aires.

more later, i promise...


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